That place called home

Here is one of the many options available through Green Strides (

You’re about to make the investment of a lifetime. You’ve had your face in a monitor for months. You wore out a pair of shoes looking and looking for just the right house. Now what?

Whether you decide to buy a “dirt start” home, a “fixer-upper” or something that is going to need a few changes to make it say what you want, then you already know you’re only half way there to the home of your dreams.

That’s the fun of home ownership.

Here is an article from Builder‘s web site that introduces some interesting and healthy ideas in cabinetry.

You spend days and days making design choices for your home, and there are still more projects to complete.

Have you considered cabinets? How about healthy cabinets.

Here is an article from Builder‘s web site that introduces some interesting and healthy ideas in cabinetry. The bamboo choice may be nothing new to the design savvy you, but how about eucaliptus? It’s available.

How to choose a paint color

This is where it gets really fun. Hold that adventurous spirit for a moment. We’ll talk about that. The San Francisco Chronicle offers some guidance. But start with your significant other. You might want to pull out the color wheel as well as some coffee to look over some choices. When you start narrowing in on a color, think theme if you plan to use more than one color. If you already have some furniture pieces and window treatments that will go in the house, you can pull one of the colors off the fabric and make it an accent or principal color.

OK. Let’s talk about that adventurous side. Think livability. In some areas of your home that are not well lighted, you may want to consult that side for bright colors. But think neutral and quiet tones for places like a bedroom. Nothing worse than trying to sleep in a room with loud colors.

Make your home safer

Nothing I hate worse than having to watch a service provider’s every move while the person is in my house. You hate having to go into an empty house sometimes. So, why not investigate some of the new technology in home security? This article comes from

10 thing you should consider for your home

Some really cool products available these days like venting fans that have humidity sensors. I like the hybrid water heater in this article in Builder.

9 things you need to know about HOAs

Don’t stop reading after you find the part about fees. Fees easily can price someone out of a neighborhood. My next advice is not spelled out clearly enough by this Denver Post article – not even close. For someone people and probably not you, you have to make things crystal clear. So, if your mother was always after you as a kid to keep the lawn mowed and put trash containers away – and you hated that – you should reconsider your purchase. HOA communities are not for everyone.

By the way, there is an abundance of misinformation about foreclosure sales out there. I will return to this subject at a later time.

Use credit cards to build credit.

8 painless ways to save money

Improving your credit score before you buy may save you thousands of dollars. In this article found on Yahoo, you won’t find out how to do that. This is a subject I will return to in coming weeks. The good news is if you have been paying your bills on time, you will be rewarded when you pay your mortgage, buy auto insurance and car loans.

Sly ways to fix cooking goofs

There is nothing worse than having to toss out food. Having to order a pizza because the steak was overcooked is one way that happens. Consult these suggestions compiled by Reader’s Digest for Yahoo.

And just for fun, keep a photo diary of your move-in. There’s nothing more fun than recalling how the place was before it met you.

2 responses to “That place called home

  1. And may I add,don’t watch to much HGTV! To many ‘do it yourself -ers’ really mess things up. Owners think they will go back and fix their mistakes later but rarely do. If you are unsure hire a professional!

    • Thanks Dena.

      Yes, consider have a contractor change out some windows or install cabinetry. My neighbor builds beautiful cabinets. However, nothing not kill a deal when it comes time to sell than a do-it-yourself job gone wrong. After a few spilled paint cans on the roof, my husband surrendered his tools to our son. Ha-ha! Our boy has been assembling lawn mowers and building shelves and ever since.